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Wir setzten ein klein kleines gemeinsames Statement. Ob für den Umweltschutz, gegen den Rechtsruck in der europäischen Politik, für den Tierschutz, jeder von uns hat ein eigenes Anliegen um dem Aufruf „unfuck the world“ zu folgen. Dieses Statement Shirt hat einen taillierten Schnitt, besteht aus einem sehr weichen Tri-Blend Stoff und passt perfekt zur Trainingshose und zu deiner Jeans! Unfuck The World Boys!

Der Stoff besteht aus 95% Baumwolle und 5% Elastan . Auf der linken Brust ist unser Unfuck The World Logo eingestickt.

How can we #unfucktheworld ?

Our aim is to start a small movement, a silent protest. Let us draw attention to the issues we are facing in todays world! Let us raise our voices for those who cannot. No matter how small your message is, we want to give you a platform to express yourself. Let us try to #unfucktheworld together.

Our vision is to be able to donate a specified amount of every shirt sold to non-profit organizations in need, whether to a homeless shelter in Berlin or to an animal rescue mission in Romania- we can make a difference!



We are overwhelmed by all of the support and love which has reached us over the past 4 weeks and are delighted to let you know that we have been able to make donations! The two organizations which we have selected are Tierschutzverein Hoffnungsfelle e.V. and WEISSER RING e.V..

Hoffnungsfelle e.V.is an organisation that dedicates itself to rescuing animals across Europe but also supports pet owners who for various reasons need help. Here is the link to theirAmazon Wish List, were you can make additional donations and send them directly to the pups in need.


The second organization is WEISSER RING e.V. , this fantastic organization provides help to victims of crime- ranging from stalking to domestic violence. Especially around the Holidays, it is vital to stay alert and report wrongdoings.


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S, M, L, XL


Tierschutzverein Hoffnungsfelle e.V., WEISSER RING e.V.


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